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SeaGlass MiniTuna 5'3"

Catalogue #SEAGLASS

was €495.00 now €350.00

Finless Surfboard!

Sorry, our surfboards are not available for delivery (they're a bit big for the post box!) However, they are available for purchase or pick up in our Lahinch store. For more information please contact us on 065 708 1543.

Product Quantity Price
SeaGlass MiniTuna 5'3" €495.00 €350.00


Finless Surfing. Using SLX biaxial construction (Super Light Epoxy)

Additional Information

  • 5'3" x 16 1/8" x 21/4" 32ltr < 85kg/185lbs>
  • 6'2" x 17" x 21/8" 36ltr <85kg/185lbs +/- 5kg/10lbs>
For years top shapers and pros alike have been claiming that flex will be the next frontier to understand in board performance. And we all know from our own experiments riding parabolic, carbon railed and stringer-less boards that there is something to it. Tom Wegener is way ahead of the curve in understanding flex and board design. Tom has been experimenting with a combination of ancient knowledge, modern material theory and an elite team of forward thinking surfers to bring us The Seaglass Project Tuna!

The Tuna and Mini Tuna are finless Alaia boards that you have no doubt seen top pros and underground legends riding in waves like J-bay and Malibu. The Tunas are such a perfect blend of the proper flex, rail and bottom contours combined with modern materials to increase floatation, that they no longer require fins to surf and are rapidly changing the way we understand surfboard design and our surfing experience.

The Tuna's rocker profile is very flat so it is easy to catch waves. The combination of the gentle curves and hard rails holds the board into the wave face. The Tuna's speed is incredible even on the smallest waves! With the Tuna in your quiver you will look at the surf in an entirely different way, seeing waves that are fun and rip-able where you did not see them before! It will truly open your mind and your surfing.

DEMO BOARD AVAILABLE IN-STORE. Passport or Driving Licence required as deposit