Wetsuit fitting

  06/02/2021 at 20:20 pm

Guide to fitting a wetsuit.

There is a lot of confusion about how a wetsuit should fit, and the preferences can vary between sports. 
Below is a link to video from Xcel Wetsuits about how a wetsuit should fit compared to one that is a size too big or too small. They also provide some information on how to read a size chart. 

If you have not had a proper fitting wetsuit before then please watch the video. Rental wetsuits are often stretched out of shape so going by the fit of one of them is not always a real reflection of how a wetsuit should fit.  The better a wetsuit fits the warmer it will be and the longer you can stay in the water.

We have size charts on each wetsuit listed on our website, but if you can't spot it just let us know and we can send a copy to you electronically.

Each wetsuit brand fits differently so if there isn't a compatible size in one brand check the others. Alder tend to be the narrowest fit in the men's wetsuits and widest in Juniors. They're also quite long fitting in the men's wetsuits so the Tall size variant isn't always needed. C-skins are more generous across the chest and shorter fitting for both men's and ladies wetsuits but narrow fitting in the junior wetsuits.  Billabong are probably closest in size to standard clothing on their women's wetsuits while Alder run small and C-skins run a little big. 

Here is the video link

By Eileesh