Bodyboards are a great introduction to surfing as well as being a sport of it's own.

The Apex AX01 is a basic durable beginner bodyboard as are the Saltrock bodyboards and the Vision Nippers

The Apex AX02 is a step up in performance and strength for those who want to bring a board out the back to progress their wave riding.

The Vision SR boards are higher specification again and suitable for those looking to ride bigger waves as they are re-inforced with a stringer to make them stiffer.

It is recommended that you pick a bodyboard that is at least up to your waist(bellybutton), the largest we carry is a 45".  The 42" size is considered standard adult size which usually suits teenagers as well.

Bodyboard size for Height

Height/weight Recommended bodyboard size
under 120cm/under 20kg 27" (vision nipper soft both sides)
120-151cm/20-35kg 33" (Apex 01)
138-160cm/36-55kg 36" (Apex 01)
123-153cm/35-50kg 37" (Saltrock, narrower than Apex)
160-173cm/55-80kg 41" (Saltrock, narrower than Apex)
168-183cm/70-110kg 42" (Apex)
184+/80kg+ 45" (Apex)




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