Welcome to our Softboards collection. The softboards  (also known as foamies) we stock tend to be suited to beginners of all shapes and sizes. We do not ship surfboards as we have seen first hand how likely damage is to occur in shipping.

Consumer softboards are generally lighter than the softboards you may have used in a surf school as they are not designed to take the same level of abuse.

Softboards are strongly advised as a first board so that you can learn how to handle a surfboard without the risk of causing major damage to yourself, others or the board through accidental impact.

Second hand boards can be hard to come by as a lot of people tend to hold onto them for friends and family to use. We will always consider a softboard as a trade-in as well as taking them to sell on consignment.

There is a massive variety of brands and models of softboards on the market, we try to keep the range we stock reasonably easy to navigate. Budget friendly models would be Surfworx Base, or Vision Ignite, whilst the CBC, Surfworx Banshee and Vision Spark are more mid-range.

We also carry the Surfworx Ribeye 9ft board for the extra heft needed for larger surfers.

At the moment there's a general shortage of boards due to their sheer bulk and the shipping cointainers expense which is due to a shortage world wide which is affecting the supply of both raw materials and finished product. 



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