When choosing a board bag it is not just the length of the board you need to consider, there is also the width, thickness and whether you'll be handing it over to the tender mercies of baggage handlers. 
Board socks are stretchy cotton which give the most basic protection to your board, they do not have any handles and have no padding. The more expensive bags have a carry handle and shoulder strap. The bodyboard bags are a backpack style and include a pocket for your fins/wetsuit. 

If you need a style/size of boardbag not shown please let us know as we may be able to order Bulldog, Dakine, FCS, Quiksilver/Roxy, Global or Rip Curl bags depending on stock at their warehouses. Special orders may incur additional shipping charges if the bag is needed urgently. Typically Dakine and FCS deliver within 1 week when they have the item in-stock. We do not carry multi-board bags as standard due to the bulkiness.




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Bulldog BodyBoard Bag

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