This is the page for second-hand junior wetsuits. These suits may or may not belong to the shop as we allow customers to leave suits with us to sell on consignment.

We operate a trade-in option on junior wetsuits from the brands we trust: C-Skins, Alder, Billabong, O'Neill, Rip Curl, etc.

The trade-ins are taken against new wetsuit purchases of adult or junior wetsuits, the trade-in value varies depending on the condition of the suit, the brand, model and current pricing.

We do not accept adult wetsuits as trade-ins but these can be sold on consignment if you do not want to sell it yourself.

Second-hand suits are sold as-is with no returns so we recommend opting for Click & Collect if purchasing through the web.

The descriptions will highlight any issues with the second hand suits. 

Very Good = looks like new (tends to be the case for the 3/2 summer wetsuits)

Good = cosmetic damage like snags or sun-fading

Medium = Minor repairable damage (most likely in winter suits as these will have seen greater use than the summer wetsuits)

Poor = Very old or functional damage, typically a tear that will leak a lot or so old it's a lot stiffer than the new suits.


Where possible we show a photo of the suit as new.

Our stock of newly arrived second-hand wetsuits may not be updated online during busy periods.



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