Ladies wetsuits go from size 4 to 18, some brands use American sizing rather than UK so please check the notes and size guide.

There are a variety of styles, thicknesses and entry systems in the wetsuits. Chest Zip is the warmest style of entry system as long as the neck of the suit is tight to the neck and back zip is the most common standard.  

We also stock neoprene separates and ultra light long sleeve shorties.

1, 1.5, 2mm thicknesses are very much summer weight and are typically seen in the neoprene separates and the Roxy or Billabong brand shorties or long sleeve shorties.

3/2mm is the standard thickness for summer weight wetsuits typically suitable for June to September. These are part of our summer order and may be out of stock in the later part of the year.

4/3mm we call these spring wetsuits and suit for those that want to stay in the water longer and get a longer season, May to October, or through the winter for swimmers. We try to keep a selection in stock all year round.

5/4, 5/4/3, 6/5 or 6/4mm are winter wetsuits thicknesses, typically only for surfers or those not moving around in the water very much, they can be too thick or buoyant for swimmers unless you are in particularly cold water.

Some of the wetsuit stock is stored off-site but we have all of the available sizes on the premises for fitting and can bring anything that is offsite into the shop within a day or two.

We can sometimes order specific models from our suppliers but shipping costs may impact the pricing compared to a regular stock model.



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